4 Ways to Use Canva To Make Money With Live Demo

Hi friend, Did you ever wonder ” How to use Canva to make money ?” or

Have you ever wondered like this,” I am good at Canva, but what is the next thing I should do?”

If you want to earn money from the side and if you are good at canva, then this is the right time to take action.

Start Earning Money with Canva.

In that case, you came to the right place. In this article, you are gonna learn the top 4 methods to make money from canva. And detailed explanations of each of these methods.

And if you want to know these methods in the video, here is my YouTube video. You can check this out, and there is a live demo “How I used canva to design this YouTube thumbnail.”

Before I reveal the methods, let me explain a little about Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online designing tool, that helps you to design anything that you see online, including logos, social media posts, resumes, ad copies, landing pages, YouTube thumbnails, etc.

It is similar to Photoshop, Illustrator, or other designing tools, but the functions in Canva are much easier than other tools and more user-friendly too.

Designing creatives on Canva has increased by over 50% since the start of COVID- 19, majorities of which are for social media posts. If you want to level up your social media game, check out this article – How to create amazing social media profiles and posts

If you are a beginner in the graphic design field, I would recommend you to start with Canva.

So here comes the main topic of the article. How to make money with canva.

4 ways to make money with canva:

You might have used it before, have you made money from it?

One special thing is you can make money from all 4 methods separately or you can combine any two of them to make money. We will see more about this in this article later.

But first,

1. Freelance your Canva skill

This is the most famous and common method to earn money from Canva. You don’t believe how many people have started freelancing their design skills online on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer. Numbers are massive.

earn from Canva in Fiverr

You can see the number of services on Fiverr for the search term “Canva”. Up to date, there are nearly 10,000 people started freelancing using Canva.

And look at the amount they are charging, on average it is around 1000 rupees/per gig (starting from 391 rupees)

So if you are good at Canva, you can very well start freelancing from today itself. All you have to do is just signup into any of those freelancing networks, then create a gig like this,

I can help you with designing

  • Logo for your business
  • Thumbnails for your YouTube videos
  • Resume
  • Ads copy
  • Presentation
  • Landing page, etc.

And there are so many other things you can design from canva, explore those things here.

Initially, it may be hard to get a client, and it may take months to get your first client, once you got them, finding clients will be easier. Check out these Freelance steps here. And check out this article on the freelancing guide for beginners.

The same happened to me also. I got my first client after 2 months of starting, in the initial period I worked for my friends and relatives, I was handling their Instagram accounts and created content for them using Canva. Later my friend suggested me to her sister, and she asked me to handle her Instagram account also, and she becomes my first client.

So things will take time, don’t wait for the right moment, keep trying.

If you are new to Canva and if you also want a demo on “How to use canva”, check the above YouTube video, where I have shared a live demo of how I created a YouTube thumbnail with canva.

The next one is the most famous and fanciest method nowadays,

2. Canva Affiliate program: Make money from Canva

Yes!! Canva also has an affiliate program for its pro version. It will very beneficial for you if you have a strong online presence, if not, check this article by my friend Faizan to find an effective way to build an online presence. If you don’t have any online presence for the next 10 years, it will look like you are not having an email in this current day. Online presence is crucial nowadays. Think about it.

If you are having a high-traffic blog or YouTube channel or strong social media presence, this is for you.  You can very well promote the canva pro version there.

For example, you can write or create a video with the titles like “Top 5 hidden tips in Canva pro version”, etc. And start promoting it.

For every new Canva Pro subscriber that signs up with your unique Affiliate link, you are going to earn up to $36. The payment withdrawal is also very easy.

To get your referral link all you have to do is to sign up in the Impact affiliate network. It will take 2 working days to approve your application, and there are several eligibility criteria for Impact to approve your application. Check out those criteria here.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to work daily like freelancing or a 9-5 job, you only needed to work at the beginning and the rest will be your passive income. However, the foundation should be very strong like a high-traffic blog or YouTube channel or strong social media presence. So you will need to work hard at the beginning.

And this is how you can earn money from the Canva affiliate program.

The next one is something new. Many people might haven’t heard it before.

3. Earn with Canva Contributor:

This might be new to you. But it is very simple.

Let’s say you are a great photographer and you can able to click cool pictures or you are a great graphic designer who can able to create eye-catching logos or stickers, this is the best place for you to earn.

You can simply upload your pictures or designs or logos in canva, as a contributor.

After you upload your photos or design into canva if anyone used your designs, you are gonna earn money from that. You can upload anything like photos, designs, videos, GIFs, animated stickers, etc.

You are having two options, whether you want your design to be picked by free users or pro users.

It is like selling your designs or photographs to Canva. And Canva.com is attracting more traffic nowadays, it is around 250 million monthly traffic. If your product is great, then it has a high chance of getting picked by any user. So, high chance to earn money.

But there are some guidelines, you cannot upload any videos or photos, and canva has to approve your designs and photos. Check out these guidelines.

If you have an idea to become a great graphic designer, check this article by Sparsh Mahajan. This includes everything related to the graphic design career.

4. Canva tutorials:

After some time, you will eventually become an expert at canva than many other people.

Then what?

You can start teaching Canva. Right? and why not?

Yes, there are various platforms for you to teach, like

  • Online courses in Udemy, Coursera, etc.
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Blogs, etc.

If you are good at presenting yourself in front of a video, go with the online courses and YouTube tutorials. If not, then start writing articles about canva like “Top 10 canva pro features you should know” or “Top 10 best canva elements that make your design looks great” in your blog.

You may have this thought, “Canva is simple, what is there to teach?”. But there are plenty of things in Canva to be taught, it may be simple and easy to use, but it is very deep. there is a lot you can teach about Canva.

let me show you a screenshot,

top canva courses in udemy

See, 6 lakhs people are learning Canva from Udemy only, and the number will be more if we include all YouTube tutorials and other online courses out there. People charge from 500 to 8000 rupees for these canva courses.

This is the last method to make money from Canva and this is also one of the passive income methods like Canva Affiliate.

And these are the 4 methods to earn with canva. My bonus piece of advice for you is “START NOW”  🙂

Now, as I already told you, you can combine any two of the above methods and make money out of them.

Combine them to earn better with Canva:

Now, you just found these methods, here is the trick for you. You can combine any two methods. By doing so you are going to get great results.

Each method has the potential to make money from Canva. But once you integrate them the results are going to BOOM. A tremendous result.

For example, You can:

  1. Sell your client’s design on canva contributor too. You are getting money in 2 ways.
  2. Teach canva in youtube videos or blogs and you can insert affiliate links in them.
  3. Teach canva with one of your clients too if they are interested.

In these ways, you can get your results multiplied.


So, you have learned all 4 methods to earn money with canva and I also shared my experience on how I earned with canva.

And you also learned how to combine them to get your results multiplied.

I did also share a video with a live demo on “how I use canva to design the youtube thumbnail”. Don’t forget to check the video above. Share this article with your friends who would like to earn with canva.

Canva has many features that make it democratize the graphic design world. Check the article to know the real power of canva.

Once again I insist you start now, don’t wait for the right moment to start, because there is no right time or every time is the right time to start, so just start now.


Sasi ram

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