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sasi ram kanna

I am Sasi ram (people call me “Surya” too), an automobile engineering graduate now turned into a Content writer and blogger.

As a Content writer, I help people to develop successful content through my content creation and marketing strategies. I was trained by Digital Deepak, founder of learntoday.com

My skills

  • Content creation and strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Google My Business listing and Ranking
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media management
  • WordPress website development
  • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Performance Marketing
  • Branding strategy
  • Youtube marketing

Brief Story:

I joined Automobile engineering at Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai in 2015. During the 3rd year of my engineering, my life started a downward curve.

It all started with the idea of joining Civil services, and I joined an academy. And started preparing for the UPSC examination. Even after spending 2 years on that, I made no progress. Later, I understood that this is not my area to start because I don’t even touch my books and notes. How silly I was?

I joined that course because of all the glittering stuff like “how great UPSC is,” “you are going to be an administrator”, and so on. I am an analytical personality, who finds playing with numbers is fun. For me, all the theories were like sleeping pills at that time, especially economics subjects. Oh god.

So I made the very big decision to quit this course and started searching for jobs in my core field (Automobile). It terrified my parents, that I came back to a job search from UPSC. Honestly speaking, they lost faith in me 🙁

Here comes the next big hit on my career, With zero experience in my core field, there is no one is willing to offer me a job. All my interviews were failed because of this same reason, zero experience. My days became tougher.

Then I started to search for a job and finally, I landed a sales job at an ed-tech company, I worked there for 20 days and then I quit that too because I felt no future in that job.

Slight Turn:

While I was preparing for the above job interview, I did a google certification course on “The Fundamentals of digital marketing“. this course had a huge impact on digital marketing, then I started doing courses in Digital marketing in Coursera and uploaded a lot of course certificates on LinkedIn.

Even after that, I was rejected on many interviews because of zero experience in digital marketing. That was the time I started hating jobs and started freelancing and wanna show people who rejected me and who didn’t believe me, that I could become more successful than those people.

Here Sasi ram as a Freelancer:

Then I started freelancing, I was handling my friend’s Instagram business account, I created posts, reels, stories for that account. Even though the follower count was low, his sales grew a little high with Instagram. And then from his referral, I had my first client who paid me for handling her social media accounts. I charged 5000 rupees per month. That was my first Income from Digital Freelancing, then her brother wants me to edit his YouTube videos, which is my second income.

Now, I am a Successful Digital Freelancer with more than 5 happy and recurring clients 🙂

My Aim:

My ultimate aim is to help at least 1000 people who are suffering without a job as I suffered, within 5 years. That’s why I started this blog to help jobless people to taste their first income. I have been there in these people’s positions and I know how painful it will be, I don’t want people to suffer like that. To read more about my plans check here.

Pure happiness can be seen in other person’s happiness.

Your new friend,

Sasi ram from Sasi10x