google vs facebook ads

Facebook ads and Google ads – which is Best?

Hey Friend, Are you wondering which advertising method you wanna use for your business? Facebook ads or Google ads?

Mark or Sunder? who you can choose? who is best?

You came to the right place, this article will guide you to choose one method that will be very much suitable for your business in the end.

google vs facebook ads

Before knowing that, you should have a clear mindset of what both platforms do.

  1. Google is a search engine where people will search for queries to get a certain solution.
  2. Facebook is a social platform, people came here to check what their friends and families are doing.

Haven’t created Facebook or google ads? Check here for Facebook ads and click here for google ads

Having said that, now, let’s see the difference between them.

These are the two major ad channels in the market now, there are some other advertising channels also like Quora ads, Linkedin ads, etc. But these two dominate the paid ads section of digital marketing.

It is not actually Facebook ads vs Google ads, it is Facebook ads and Google ads. Most businesses use both platforms to run ads. They both have Better reach. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. knowing them deep will help you to choose a specific ad for your business purposes.

Difference between Google ads and Facebook ads

there are some differences you should know and there are some similarities also

How people can reach you?

In Google ads, new people will try to find you. It is an inbound ad medium. People will search for a particular keyword in Google, and Google will deliver the ads related to that keyword. It is like you are going to meet people halfway. It is like you are inside the restaurant already, based on your order(keywords), the server(google) will serve you the dish(ads).

In Facebook ads, You will try to find new people. It is an Outbound ad medium. Here facebook will reach the people based on their interests and behaviors on that platform.

Since the people are halfway in a funnel, and their intent is clear, you can run ads directly to sell your products or services on google ads.

But in Facebook ads, It is not recommended for you to run ads campaigns directly to sell your products, because Facebook is a social platform, people came here to check what their friends and families are doing. If you interrupt them with your sales ads they will get irritated. So always use Facebook ads to sell indirectly, like run an ad campaign for the free product or services you have, provide value in that free product and gain their trust, then go and pitch them your products using Google ads.

Use Facebook ads for your branding(Know more about branding here), and use Google ads for your sales.

Targetting in Facebook and Google ads

Facebook targets audiences based on “who they are?” like what is their demographics like age, gender, marital status, etc.

Google ads will target the audience based on “what they search for?” Demographics don’t matter much here. Since in the google ads, the search intent is clear, and no need for demographics and interests, we don’t need to worry about their age or gender.

For example, if you use the term hypothyroidism – google will target the ads for you based on the keyword Hypothyroidism, in turn, Facebook will target ads to the people who had shown interest in this particular topic on the Facebook platform before.

simply speaking Facebook ads target audiences, and Google ads target keywords.

Traffic in Facebook and Google ads

Since the search intent is clear in the google ads, the traffic you are getting to your website from google ads will be high-quality traffic.

But in Facebook ads, since the targeting is broad, the traffic you are getting might be low-quality traffic based on the demographics and interests. So you might lose your money on targeting the wrong persons. that is why I suggest you, go for branding when you are using Facebook ads.

However, you can create an audience set from the people visiting your site using Facebook pixel, and you can retarget your ads to these people (website visitors) so that your traffic quality will increase.

Ad cost

Ad running cost for Facebook is low compared the Google ads, which is because, when you are using Google ads, you can run ads for sales directly, which is faster than the indirect method on Facebook. So most people are investing in google ads than FB ads, so the competition for keywords in google ads becomes higher day to day, the more the competition, the more will be the cost.

But in terms of Facebook ads, since the traffic is also not quality traffic like from Google ads, the cost is also less than google ads. However, you can run FB ads for the long term, be patient, build trust with your content, and then try to convert them. so you can save money with FB ads, but you have to be patient.

Conversion in Facebook and Google ads:

Traffic itself is low in the Facebook ads, then how could you expect conversion from them? So conversion in Facebook ads is also lower than in Google ads, because, in google ads, people are halfway through the funnel, so conversions are easy in google ads. This is also one of the reasons google ads are a bit costlier.

that is why I recommend Facebook ads for beginners, they can start building their brand with high-value content, and then they can go with google ads for conversions.

Even though Google is costlier, it is cost-efficient, because of the high-quality traffic and conversions.

Note: even though google ads are more effective than Facebook ads, there are chances google ads can churn all your money. check this article for more detailed information. 

Other Differences

  1. Text-based ads work well in google ads, in fact, Google rules the search results. Visual-based ads work well on Facebook because it is a social platform mainly focusing on images and videos.
  2. Google ads align with Search engine optimization (SEO) in terms of keyword research. Facebook ads align with social media in terms of visuals sharing, and Facebook ads are also known as Paid social.

Similarities in Them

Both of these ad channels started focusing on the user experience (UX) and relevancy. So it is better to have a good landing page with a better user experience and relevant keywords. For both the ad channels, a quality score and relevancy score is needed.

Ranking in SERP = (quality + relevancy)score * Bid Amount

Having a good quality and relevance score helps you reduce your bid amount, which will reduce your ads spent.


Here have a look over what you have crossed now

mind map for facebook and google ads

we have seen all the major differences between both these ads platform. It is better to start with Facebook ads if you are a beginner and it is better for branding purposes. And it costs less.

if you want immediate sales and conversion, you can go with google ads. Because the traffic and conversions are high on google.

Comment below the topic related to paid ads, you want to know in the future. I will read all the comments.

And don’t stop the process think that your business doesn’t need marketing, marketing can be done to any business. for example, check this article on Fitness marketing, this is about how to do marketing for Fitness Industry.


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