New Bluehost review 2022

New Bluehost Review 2022 – Is It Worth for Bloggers?

So, you are looking for a new web hosting for your domain, right?

And somehow you ended up with Bluehost. If you still have doubts about choosing Bluehost.

I have written an in-depth Bluehost review article that will help you to clarify your doubts.

Before, diving deep into Bluehost, let me explain to you the importance of having a domain and website first.

You can be a blogger, or you can be a digital freelancer, or you can be a digital mentor. Having your website or blog can benefit you in multiple ways.

For example, if you are appearing for a job interview, owning a personal blog in your niche will showcase that you have strong knowledge in that particular field that will help you to stand out from the competition.

Likewise, in freelancing also, your client will do a background check on your website, they will search for testimonials, reviews, case studies, etc before closing the deal. If one doesn’t have a website, there is a high chance that he/she might lose that client.

That’s why I empathize more with owning a personal website/blog.

And, you may have this doubt whether you should choose free websites or paid websites. My advice is to get a paid one (paid domain). Even many digital marketing mentors suggested paid domain and hosting only. You can also choose free website builders like google’s blogger and WordPress but free websites are not SEO friendly and they might affect your brand identity in several ways. So, It is better you chose paid ones over free ones.

The reason why I choose Bluehost for this article is that 2 million websites on the web are hosted with Bluehost, a most preferable choice among web users.

What is Bluehost?

It is one of the leading and most preferable web hosting companies in the world since 2003, Founded by Matt HeatonTheir headquarters is based in Orem, Utah, USA.

And in 2010, Bluehost becomes part of the Endurance International Group. Since then they are supporting Bluehost to accompany its mission.

Their web hosting plan starts with as low as 179 rupees per month. It not only offers web hosting but also, other services like Domains, WordPress builders, WordPress guidance, and WordPress designs.

Now we are focusing only on their web hosting services. In web hosting itself, they have multiple options like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and so on.

Now let me tell you what are all the features of their basic WordPress hosting plan that can benefit your blog.

  • Free domain for 1st year
  • Free SSL certificate protection
  • 1 Website (Changes with the plan)
  • 50 GB SSD Storage (Changes with the plan)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 100+ Free WordPress Themes
  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • 24/7 support
  • SSL Certificate Protection
  • Automatic Daily Malware Scan
  • Speed Boosting CDN
  • Website Stats Dashboard
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • WordPress Website Migration
  • 30 days moneyback guarantee

These features are from the basic plan, there are more advanced features available in advanced plans. I will tell you the difference between them in the upcoming sections of this article.

Now, let me tell you the features where Bluehost stands out from the competition.

Why Bluehost is the best?

These are the best features from Bluehost that help it to stand out from its competition.

  • 99.99% uptime

If you don’t know what uptime is, let me explain it in brief.

An uptime is known as Server uptime. It indicates the total duration of the time when a server is fully functional and running. This metric helps to identify the performance of the server.

The more uptime, the better is the server.

This is crucial for the website owners because if one chooses web hosting with less uptime, His/her website will be down sometimes which is not good for his/her business. Imagine your customer is searching for your website, and if your website server is down, there is a high chance of you losing that client. Right?

So, it is better to choose a server with the maximum uptime possible.

In this case, Bluehost’s uptime is 99.99%, the best in this industry.

  • 2 Million websites hosted in Bluehost

This is the best social proof I can tell about the Bluehost. Over 2 million websites are hosted with the Bluehost servers.

One of the competitions to Bluehost is hostinger. They have over 2.9 million websites hosted with them because it is the cheapest compared to all other web hosting providers.

Even the price of Bluehost is a little higher than the hostinger. Bluehost also has 2 million websites hosted in them. The main reason for this number is their support.

Yes, they have one of the best support to their customer in this price range.

let’s have a close look at that.

  •  24/7 Phone support

Being a blogger, there is a high chance of you getting at least one doubt, clarification, or some issues with your domain or server. At this stage, the only option is to contact your web hosting support team to clarify your doubts and issues.

Many hosting providers will give you support where an individual will be chatting from the other end. in this case there are high chances of them not getting your point. I have seen some situations like this happen with my friends.

So, it is better if you have the option of getting support from the phone calls which is more efficient than the normal chat support.

For which, Bluehost is one of the best choices, they offer support through phone calls.

And, this is one of the best features they are offering in this price range. Only because of this, millions of people choose Bluehost.

Even if there is a cheaper option available, people choose Bluehost for this 24/7 support.

  • Recommended by WordPress

You might have known this, WordPress is one of the best CMS (Content management systems) available in the market.

Over 40% of the websites available on the web are using WordPress to manage their blog or website because it is the easiest and fastest platform to set up a blog.

And, how great it is that the best CMS is recommending Bluehost for their users to choose web hosting plans. Great, right?

And this becomes one of the reasons bloggers and website owners choose Bluehost.

  • Plenty of amazing Bluehost features.

Along with these best features, Bluehost also offers some other benefits for you

Free SSL certificate: This is the most important security option you should focus on to prevent your web content from hackers. And it is one of the factors that google ranks websites, Google will rank websites only if they are HTTPS.

From Bluehost, you will be getting a free SSL certificate to prevent your content.

Free Domain: You get the free domain for 1st year (worth 1400 rs) with all the plans from basic to advanced when you choose any plan for a minimum of 12 months period.


SSD storage: You get a minimum of 50 GB SSD storage space with Bluehost, if you choose advanced plans, you can get unlimited SSD storage. Usually, 25 GB SSD is more than sufficient.

Moreover, among the many web hosting that still uses HDD storage, SSD storage is added advantage for you because it provides faster website loading speeds.

Speed boosting CDN: To speed up your website and prevent it from the DDOS (Distributed denial of services)attack, You need CDN (Content delivery network). Cloudflare is the best among all CDN.

Bluehost provides Cloudfare CDN for all the plans, which most of the web providers include in their advanced plans only.

Email Marketing Tool: You can create a great email campaign inside your WordPress dashboard itself with the help of Creative mail (an inbuild email marketing tool).

  • 30 Days money-back guarantee

This is what they say,

Try us and you’ll love us.

If not, get a refund within 30 days of signing up.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Isn’t it nice?

From this, you can see they care about their customer satisfaction.

Even after reading all these features and supports, if you are still confused, you can try Bluehost, and if you don’t like their services or support, you can get your money back before 30 days of signing up. Which I think won’t happen.

Bluehost Review: Cons

The only disadvantage of Bluehost hosting is website migration is paid.

In the future, you may decide to change the hosting provider, in that case, you have to migrate your website and web data to new hosting. This can be done with the help of the current hosting provider.

But here, Bluehost charges you some fee to migrate your content to new hosting, which is usually done for free in other hosting providers.

Best hosting plans from Bluehost

As I already told you, Bluehost offers various hosting services, like WordPress, VPN, shared, etc. Since most of the users prefer shared hosting and WordPress hosting, I am gonna share plans from WordPress hosting.


If you are a beginner in websites, blogs. This is the best plan I will recommend to you. Try this out and learn all the basics with a small blog and once your blog performs well you can upgrade to advanced plans. This will cost you 179 Rupees per month if you choose 36 months plan. It includes

        • 1 website
        • 50 GB SSD storage
        • Unmetered Bandwidth
        • Free Domain for 1 year
        • SSL certificate
        • Free Cloudflare CDN


Choose this plan, if you are having multiple websites to host. Along with this, this plan comes with Free SEO tools. This plan is 299 rupees per month if you choose 36 months plan. This includes,

        • Unlimited websites
        • Unlimited SSD storage
        • Unmetered Bandwidth
        • Free Domain for 1 year
        • SSL certificate
        • Free Cloudflare CDN
        • Microsoft office email – free for 30 days
        • Bluehost SEO tools

Choice Plus

This plan is similar to the previous plan with added privacy and security. This plan has all the features to run your websites or blogs better and if your websites involve much activity from the backend, it is better to backup your content on daily basis. In that case, this plan is recommended. It comes at the same price as the previous plan, 299 rupees per month if you choose 36 months plan.

        • Unlimited SSD storage
        • Unmetered Bandwidth
        • Unlimited websites
        • Free Domain for 1 year
        • SSL certificate
        • Free Cloudflare CDN
        • Microsoft office email – free for 30 days
        • Bluehost SEO tools
        • Domain privacy
        • Daily website backup.

The Shared hosting plans are also at the same price as the WordPress hosting plans, only some features will change.

Are you clear with your decision now?

Are you ready to start your WordPress hosting? then check out this link below to sign up on Bluehost.

If you find this Bluehost review 2022 article useful, please share it with your friend who is looking for help to decide.

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